Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chicago, IL

Today was a lot of driving in the rain. Should have booked a hotel outside of the city because parking the moving van was very expensive!! We went out to eat at an Irish Pub and it was yummy! We are tired so we're going to bed early.

Here are some more trip pictures!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Albert Lea, MI

Rainbow in Hell's Canyon:

Devils Tower, WY:

Mountains in Wyoming, at 10,000 ft alt:

Sign on edge of Idaho on our way out:

Today was a lot of driving! The moving van moves much slower than we expected. We were driving since 9am this morning and just got to the hotel at midnight... only it's not the hotel we planned. That one is another 3 hours away and with the truck it would have been even longer. We plan on getting up much earlier tomorrow to try to make up for some lost time. Next stop is Chicago!

Here are some photos of our trip. We will post the rest when we get to NJ.

hot springs, wy

The second day we hit the devil's tower, crazy horse and mountain Rushmore. The devil's tower was cool, we didn't drive right up to it due to time. Crazy horse was lame because you can't see it without paying and it was cloudy for twenty bucks we said forget it. Mtn Rushmore was rainy but it was cool looking because it had dry spoots under their eyes so they looked like they were crying. The road had a sign no trucks or 250$ fine which made me nervous. But so far zero fines or tickets. I must be a cop magnet because in Wyoming a cop followed me for fifteen minutes.

Today is our third day going back. This town apparently at nine pm is closed so at nine thirty we had to choose between subway and a convenience store. We hate subway.

today is going to be fun, the straight drive across south Dakota . I can't wait for the free ice water at wald drugs, we saw advertising for it at the devils tower.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day one....Wyoming

Technically yesterday was day one because we had to pack the moving van. Thanks to Nick, Patty, Joe and Jeff for helping pack the moving van twice!!!! Long story.

We got up around 7am today to finish packing and clean the house...we didn't hit the road until about two pm!! The drive today was a little scary with all the steep hills and windy roads. We went from 4,000 ft alt to 10,000 ft alt back down to 5,000 ft alt. when we stopped to pee at one of the highest points it felt like my head was going to explode. We both felt tired and light headed.

we saw a lot of snow... isn't it almost june? And lots of pretty mountains. Pictures to come.

going to sleep now.

love Lisa

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Road Trip Stops we are considering

Wyoming State Brewery - Casper, WY
I think we should add more Breweries to this trip. But for now we have this one. Attached to the "World Famous Wonderbar" where you used to be able to get a beer for you... and your horse! Well it is Wyoming! Maybe they will give Captain Kitty a beer if I ride her in.

Devils Tower - Hulett, WY
As seen in the 1977 movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and of course a scared Native American Indian site.

Mount Rushmore - Rapid City, SD
Otherwise known as "Mount Crazy Horse". The monument of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln - that was never finished.

Hot Springs, SD
Location of the world’s largest mammoth research facility and of course, hot springs!

We haven't found ANYTHING between Hot Springs and the Mall of America!

Mall of America, Minneapolis, MN
Rides inside of a mall!

Chicago, IL
We haven't picked what we're going to do here yet, but it's a decided stop for sure.

The Quaker Inn - Akron, OH
The hotel is a converted silo complex! The rooms are round!

Any other suggestions? Please post them in the comment section! <3

Route to Idaho and back to New Jersey

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Idaho Adventures - Road Trips

While we were out in Idaho we wanted to take advantage of the area - so we went on a bunch of Road Trips. Here are some of the highlights:

Lava Hot Springs, ID
One of the first trips we took

Challis Hot Springs, ID
Valentine's Day weekend, Bed & Breakfast & Hot Springs

Las Vegas, NV
Three day trip with Taylor

Bear Lake, Garden City, UT
Two weekend trips to Taylors Lake House (Summer and Winter)

Boise, ID
Weekend Trip with Julian to Idaho's Capital

Craters of the Moon, National Monument, ID

Twin Falls, ID & Jackpot, NV
Weekend Trip

Jackson Hole, WY
Various Day Trips

West Yellowstone, WY & Mammoth Hot Springs, WY & Old Faithful, WY & Jackson Hole, WY
Yellowstone Trip with my Parents and Grandpa

Yellowstone, Ski Trip

Monday, March 28, 2011

Nick and Lisa Move BACK to New Jersey

It's been over a year in Idaho and now we're ready to head back to New Jersey.

I know it seems strange. We had a fun adventure and we're ready to head back East.

We've already started packing and we're trying to figure out the route we're going to take back now. It looks like we're going more north than our last trip. Two sites we're interested in are Mount Rushmore and Chicago.