Tuesday, May 24, 2011

hot springs, wy

The second day we hit the devil's tower, crazy horse and mountain Rushmore. The devil's tower was cool, we didn't drive right up to it due to time. Crazy horse was lame because you can't see it without paying and it was cloudy for twenty bucks we said forget it. Mtn Rushmore was rainy but it was cool looking because it had dry spoots under their eyes so they looked like they were crying. The road had a sign no trucks or 250$ fine which made me nervous. But so far zero fines or tickets. I must be a cop magnet because in Wyoming a cop followed me for fifteen minutes.

Today is our third day going back. This town apparently at nine pm is closed so at nine thirty we had to choose between subway and a convenience store. We hate subway.

today is going to be fun, the straight drive across south Dakota . I can't wait for the free ice water at wald drugs, we saw advertising for it at the devils tower.


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